Day #1: Do you think I'll stick with it?

In my quest to better myself, I've started this blog.

Titled "Things I did today", I wanted a blog that tracked my successes and growth, yet didn't need a regimented posting schedule.

So then, things I did today:

I remembered my camera - my friends Joe and Kassie and I are going to take photos and Joe is going to teach me different things regarding photography.

I remembered a recipe - Kassie and I are on the hunt for new and delicious recipes to add to our repertoire.

I started reading the new QMS procedures at work. I have a quiz that I need to complete by 2pm today.

I projected my six-month financial future: I will have fully funded emergency savings and have paid all of my medical debts.

Things that I want to have ingrained into my brain:

If I am just wasting time on the internet, I am not bettering myself.

If I fail to record myself playing ANYTHING on the piano or ukulele, I am not bettering myself.

I don't want to be be harsh on my past actions, but I do want to stop doing things that previously consumed me, yet did not have a positive impact on my life.

Things that I've drastically cut down use or stopped doing entirely:

TV and specialty movies
Going out to eat
Buying music
Buying books

Things that I want to continue or start:

Exercise (physical, walking, running)
Exercise (musical, scales, etudes)
Exercise (photojournaling)
Reading my Bible
Drinking more water in a day
Writing (blogs)
Writing (music)

The large goal in my life is financial freedom. Some day, I will want to say, "I no longer want to work." At that point, I want to be able to continue with, "And I have enough savings/retirement/passive income that I CAN stop working."

I know I'm only 24 years old and have many decades of work ahead of me, but the earlier I get started, the earlier I can reach my goal of financial freedom.

Today, I will be taking photos. I just finished a glass of water and I'm going to get refill. I did write in this blog. So far, I'm doing great in my hopes to gain financial freedom!



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