Day #10: Tithing

Just a short post about tithing.

You may have noticed that I didn't have any mention about this when I discussed savings and other accounts.

It's because I don't tithe. I used to, 10% of my earnings when I was attending a church that employed a traditional setting. I left for a home church where services held in a living room, the average attendance is 6 and no offering was taken. It was a nice reprieve, but tithing previously never altered my financial life in a negative way. I just got used to saving all the money given to me.

I realize that this is no way to praise God. He has given me much, and even though I praise him and gather together with fellow believers to worship him weekly, it just isn't enough. So, I'm going to get back into it, no matter what church I attend.

I now am attending a church that has more of a traditional setting, and occasionally attend my parents' church. I need to get back into giving back.  Regardless of what church I attend, I'll give my 10%.

I know that 10% of gross will be a shock to my usual saving, so I'm going to ease into it (or else I'll decided it's too much and just quit).  For one month, I'll pay 5% net, next month 10% net, then 10% gross for the third month and all further months.

I know that it is right for me.



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