Day #11: ING

I use ING because of that defunct band I mentioned a few days ago, One Thin Dime.  They used to have a website with a few photos and band info, gig info, etc.  The band didn't hold onto the domain, and now it's a personal finance blog written by Anna Haferman. I read one of her entires discussing ING Direct, and I decided to hop on the bandwagon and use her referral link to get an extra $25.

I'm glad I did!  ING is the best bank I've ever dealt with. I now have my checking and savings accounts with them, and I find their customer service superb.  Their savings interest rate is much higher than any other physical bank, even though at this time it's pretty low (1.3%).  I started using ING in April 2008, and they've been great.

Recently, I've been tempted at other banks offering signing bonuses between $100-$300, but they have too many restrictions in order to get the extra money. I'm going to continue my business with ING and look for other ways to earn extra money, like blogging (hah!), a second job, or some other side hustle.



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