Day #4: Let's do a little digesting

Today, I finally got the emails written that I've been meaning to write since Saturday. Work went along fine, and I bought some pasta and cheese seasoning to make poor man's mac and cheese. I didn't turn my phone on today, and I think I'll leave it off until tomorrow morning to give my technological brain a break. (Augh, going through withdrawals! Must... text... must... check voicemails....) Heh, no, I'm okay. Really.

I've been bookmarking blog posts that I have been meaning to read. Today's topic:


I decided to read this post by Glen Allsopp.

My thoughts?

It's a great guide for those whom have never tried meditation.

I need more practice. I wasn't able to get my mind to shut off, and my eyes were darting back and forth as if to say, "Laura, what are you doing? Why aren't you DOING something?"

Meditation is something I want to practice and to achieve, as well as yoga. Baby steps, I guess. I took five or more minutes and found a quiet place to meditate.

I'll let you know next time I meditate and how it goes.

As for now, I'm going to play a little piano!



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