Day #6: I bought so much jewelry!

This evening, I attended one of those "parties" hosted by a couple of my good friends. These kinds of parties are not my cup of tea - where a stranger, all bubbly and cute tries to sell you expensive stuff you don't want. Then, there's an added bonus of all your close friends there inadvertently pressuring you to purchase something. (Though they claim otherwise.)

This party was a Premier Designs Jewelry party. I wear no jewelry. Ever. I'd be very happy to continue this trend. And I stuck to my guns (partially because I'm poor this month) and purchased nothing. I had a good time talking with friends, and was able to see a few that I've not seen for years.

But I digress - you're not here to read about the jewelry party, so enjoy tonight's topic:


Not the stuff in your pocket that you're going to wash when you forget to check your pants.

This definition of change is: things that are not constant that usually people would prefer them to be constant. For instance, most people don't want to change careers or jobs or friends. Something like 75% of the US population live within a 25 mile radius of their parents. Change is difficult and different.

I found this blog post a fantastic read! I thought it went well with yesterday's talking partly about taking action and moving on.

Thanks for writing it, Leslie!

Being prepared is a great way to help when the loss is sudden and you're stuck in shock. There are some cases (like death) where you can't get yourself ready for the loss, even when it isn't sudden.

However, many changes in life (mostly financial) can be played out smoothly when you prepare, like an emergency fund, or retirement funds. Perhaps one of the best things you can do to prepare for sudden change is practice being calm. One of my friends is very calm, even when he is upset. I admire that trait and I work hard to gain that sort of composure.

Realizing that you're the only thing you can control is something I wish all people knew (or at least pretend they knew). How many situations have you been in where one person was trying to control another person? It just does not work. The only way you'd be able to control people is through leading by example - and even then your success rate isn't that good.

Having a purpose in life is key. If not, why are you even getting out of bed? Your purpose may lie in your job, or in your hobby, or in your family. Whatever your purpose is, make sure you take care of that so you can be pleased that you did do something positive in your world.

What is your purpose in life?



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