Day #22: The phone conversationalist

I was really productive today!

Got a lot of work done,

called Progressive to change my policy from my Cirrus to my Fit,

had them fax the changed policy to Brown Honda for proof that the new car is insured since I'm getting my financing through American Honda Finance Corp,

called Westfield insurance to make my statement (and hopefully get my $500 deductible back since it wasn't my fault),

faxed the local Progressive rep my bill of sale to get the sales tax reimbursed (up to the value of the sales tax of the Cirrus),

called Straightline, the company that manages my 401(k) on the cheap and negotiated a good rate for my account management,

drove the awesome fun new car a little, from home to work, then to the local hospital to see my friend Tiff (She works there) and drove back home.

I just finished the ice cream, so I might buy more tomorrow before I head to Joe and Kassie's.

Mmmm, ice cream...



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