Day #47(a): Stretchy!

I am happy with my progress this evening!

Elmer was in the harness, but we've decided to get him a different harness, and he really gives me dirty looks when he's in it.

I voted!

Didn't get to the pumpkins - it was dark by the time I was ready.

Read the intro and four exercises in the stretch book.

Practiced those four exercises.

Didn't match up my socks. Not an urgent task.

To-do list for tomorrow, 11/4/09

1) Read magazines in room, then pitch them

2) Clean desk

3) List books on

4) Inventory my part of the pantry

5) Find more vegan meal plans

6) Enjoy Barnes and Noble with friend Laura

7) Get the pumpkins around and ready to be massacred

8) Match black socks

9) Stretch - add a few more exercises to the ones already known

10) Email local eateries to know if they have vegan meals on the menu

My guess is that I'll get through items 1, 5, 6, 8 and 9 tomorrow, but wanted to give myself more things if I happen to find the time.



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