Day #48: I blame it on AT&T Wifi

Hmm. How did I do today?

I read the magazines and pitched them except for one issue of Scientific Mind.

Didn't clean desk nor dug up books to list.

Uhm, neither did I inventory the pantry.

If AT&T wifi was any good at Barnes and Noble, I would have got more vegan meals plans, but I did check out Veganomicon (awesome cookbook), and I plan on purchasing it soon.

I did enjoy Barnes and Noble with my friend Laura! She's cute and fun!

I didn't get to the pumpkin patch, nor did I match my black socks or email local eateries.

However, I did do some stretching and added two exercises.


1) Email local eateries regarding vegan entrees

2) Stretch

3) Pumpkinate

4) Clean desk

5) Do laundry

Right now, I'm going to sleep.  Later!



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