Day #49: Cute Elmer edition

IMG_5594, originally uploaded by shutterfli.

I know, this picture is a year old, but it's still one of my favorites.


In my stretch book, Zone 1 is all about upper legs, hips and trunk. It's nice to start an exercise program but I'm more looking forward to Zone 2, shoulders! Hopefully I'll be able to be correctly limber to get rid of most of my shoulder pain.

I did laundry, I stretched, adding one new exercise to the other six that I've practiced and I moved the pumpkins to the garage. Saturday, I plan on setting up a card table and cleaning out the pumpkins then.

Didn't clean the desk, nor did I email eateries. I have a letter set up for businesses, I just haven't gotten the email addresses. At this point, I'm getting sleepy and I have a whole weekend ahead of me, so I'll conquer these things at that time!

Things to do tomorrow:

1) Have bible study with Tiff

2) Email businesses

The other things I will do on Saturday.




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