Day #52: Busy busy busy!

Didn't stretch, but did make a chocolate waffle!  Went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the new Lucas County Arena on Jefferson, downtown.

I hope Toledo can get a revitalization. It's a nice town, but it feels like a ghost town. Tomorrow's to-do list:

1) Stretch

2) List books on

3) Play scales for an hour

4) Play whatever I want on whatever instrument I feel like playing

Ben Folds is my musical hero, and he played scales every day for six months to get to where he is - and so I just need to make it a priority. There is no reason for me to NOT make music a priority. If I start today, I'll be very comfortable where I am just before my 25th birthday - also around Ben's age when he started doing piano seriously. There is no time like the present!



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