Day #74: Hey, it's vegan week!

IMG_1482, originally uploaded by shutterfli.

Vegan eatings:

trail mix
--dried fruit
--M&Ms. (Crap! I didn't realize that they're not vegan!)

Subway footlong veggie sub (no cheese!)
--green peppers
--black olives
--banana peppers
--jalepeno peppers

trail mix sans M&Ms

Chipotle, corn and black bean stew
--crushed tomatoes
--black beans
--chipotle peppers
--lime juice

--malt vinegar

I read Julie and Julia during lunch, and I'm glad, as I didn't have time today to read after work. This dinner took quite a while!

I served 3 bowls, and have five large bowls packed up for lunches. I'm excited that my first try was so successful!

Tomorrow, I'm going to hang out with my friend Niki! Yay!



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