Day #110: Wiied up

Work was steady and fun. After work, I washed dishes and worked out on the Wii for an hour and a half. I'm really enjoying the yoga and strength exercises, and I'm increasingly doing better.

I read Mark, Chapter 4 and one verse stuck out at me. Jesus said that he spoke in parables when teaching common people, but to his disciples, he shared everything. I wonder if they were any better at learning the word of God or if they were just excited to be early adopters. Many times Christ must have shook his head in sorrow when the disciples were being petty, like quarreling with each other to find out which was the "best disciple".

Tomorrow, I'm going to do my best to get up at 6:30am. I'm going to do yoga! All I have to do is get up, put on a shirt and my sweatpants and walk downstairs. I hope to have success actually doing it!

Friday, I'll be having a potluck with some friends, and I'll be bringing the dessert. I'm considering buying a box of cornflakes, a bag of chocolate chips and butterscotch chips and melt and combine the mixture. I don't think that will cost me more than 6 dollars if I go the generic route.



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