Day #113: Busy

Got up for work at 7. Showered, dressed and all.

Went downstairs.

Realized that tennis shoes were upstairs.

Went upstairs.

Grabbed shoes.

Went downstairs.

Found other pair of tennis shoes.

Put on shoes.

Grabbed lunch.

Forgot phone.

Went upstairs.

Got phone.

Went downstairs.

Put everything in one bag.

Got to car.

Put bag in car.

Forgot pill bottle.

Went back in house, upstairs.

Got pill bottle.

Went to car.

Fought with garage door. (It doesn't like to open fully on cold days.)

Drove to work.

Focused at work. I completed two test packs for surveys (approx. 250 surveys), had an introduction to Open Workbench (anyone know about this program?) and I answered some client requests. Busy day!

After work, I began to make the dessert for the potluck. I was stirring the Corn Flakes into the melted chocolate and butterscotch. It was looking good!

Then the bowl slid off the counter, flipped upside-down and broke all to pieces.


I picked up the pieces and scrubbed the chocolate mess off the floor and cabinets.

Grabbed another bowl, melted the chocolate and butterscotch pieces, and stirred in the Corn Flakes.

I was able to keep this bowl on the counter the whole time. Found a large tupperware bowl and spooned in the dessert, put a lid on it, and placed it in the car.

Went to the potluck and had an amazing time! There were pretzels with honey mustard dipping sauce, fruit with fruit dip, jalepeno poppers, meatballs, salmon patties, pasta and cheesecake. All so delicious!

We played Last Word and Apples to Apples.


Read a few chapters in Mark


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