I love Geoguessr!

Geoguessr is a game that combines Google Street View with Google Maps as a location guessing game. They have daily challenges as well as maps for certain areas. Most are user created, and as people create more and more maps, they find odd places for Street view to be, or use 360 degree view pictures where one cannot travel down the road to know where they are. I enjoy playing once or twice a day, trying to figure out if I'm in Europe or the US or Asia, or anywhere else.

Last night, mom and I played, trying to find the exact position next to a grocery store in Ridderker, Netherlands, then later trying to determine how to get out of a place that looked bombed, with rubble everywhere. We wandered through, until we found a sign written in Japanese, then Chinese. Mom and I figured this must be one of the A-bomb sites. We spent a considerable amount of time trying to decide which one we were looking at. We settled on Hiroshima.

It was Nagaski.

The game is very addictive and fun. And now I must go play.


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