On Procrastination, Part 2

I recently wrote about procrastination, and decided Tuesday that I was going to enact my new goal of not eating dinner at the TV, but instead at the dining table, and then just start doing chores straight after, only stopping after I feel I've done enough to make progress on a few projects.

So, I came home, forgot all about what I said, made dinner, then started eating it at the TV. I happened to remember halfway through my meal I meant to stop doing this. My first thought was "Oh well, you've already sat down at the TV and might as well start the new idea tomorrow."

Then, "No, pause the TV and get up and take dinner to the dining table and eat it there. Then follow through with what you were going to do."

So, I did. I finished dinner at the dining table, unloaded the dishes in the dishwasher, put the dirty dishes in, put the dishes requiring hand washing and air drying back in the cabinets. After that, I started laundry, took out the trash, played piano, and then let myself watch TV while doing hip and knee exercises. Matt D'Avella was talking about the Two Day Rule, which I mentioned earlier in this blog and I mis-remembered it - it is only allowing to take one day in a row off. And now, I'm writing a blog post - another of my daily goals and feel pretty good.

I could organize my shoes, but no one will be in my closet for a very long time, if ever.

I could scan all the documents that I need, but they aren't taking up a ton of room in their physical form anyway.

I could learn more about Excel or SQL Server.

Or I could play Minecraft and leave the other things for another day. Which is what I decided.


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