Powerwalking times and effort

I just powerwalked a 5k to see what time I could get.Turns out I power walk just slightly slower (less than 10 seconds a mile) than I run. It suggests to me that I'm running at the wrong pace or have the wrong stride, or that I need to force my body to draw enough air to supply myself with oxygen for longer strides.

Next experiment - powerwalking 2.5 miles and jogging .6 miles.

Also another experiment is to sprint 0.10 miles and recover/walk the next 0.40. I'm noticing that I can recover faster than I've ever been able to since heading to Arizona for a short hiking trip with my brother, who can easily outhike me.

I'm holding fast for my avoidance goals: no checking financials, no wasting time on social media, no watching political TV via Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, and no watching the news.

I've not checked financials, nor wasted time on social media, nor watched political TV or checked the news.

I feel like I'm out of touch, so after the month is over, it's likely I'll just skim headlines and watch Seth Meyer's Closer Look, which was my favorite portion of the political news. I posted on FB for I'm Not Dead day and a few birthday wishes for others I happened to stumble upon. I'm happy to find that my extra time is going to things I enjoy, like writing and exercise. I'll do more as time goes on!


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