Ten Years Later

On September 25, 2009, I published this blog entry:


Guess I could do a bit of an update.

I'm 34, now. I still work in a cubicle, but I use SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Data Tools. I'm not a Project Coordinator in project management, I'm a Database Administrator. I invest in the stock market, pay as few taxes as I can, and have no interest bearing debt. I live in the southeast and drive a modest and free car - just not the one I mentioned drove when I was 24. In a month, I'll have my Honda for 10 years.

It is still a struggle to get into music. I have a lovely keyboard, and friends and family who encourage me. I still hate scales and never memorized the original 4 that was my goal 10 years ago. I've played through Level 1 of Alfred's Adult learner and am about halfway through Level 2, but it isn't terribly inspiring.

However, I've gotten into gardening, hiking, meditation, reading more, being more social, and understanding what purchases make me happy. I learned how to enjoy beer, wine, whiskey, painting, being outside, and how to start a conversation with a stranger. Books and articles and videos about psychology and behavior and reference are still a strong pull but I am managing to not buy unnecessary things.

Overall, the last 10 years have been great! I have midwest friends and southeast friends (most who moved from the midwest, funny enough) and I return to the midwest twice a year to visit. I'm happy to be where I am, and hope to stay with my current workplace for the next 10 years at least. I still don't believe I can plan for the future more than a few years. Life will always be changing. I'm hoping that as it goes, I can help it always get better.


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