The cone of uncertainty

The hurricane is continuing its track west, before it turns north to bother the rest of the Southeastern US. While Raleigh is still in the cone of uncertainty, it's looking less and less likely that it'll get much trouble from the hurricane.

Of course, things can change - Just like with Florence last year, which seemed as if it was aiming for Raleigh until the day before landfall. Florence headed right for it, until it hit land, and abruptly shifted south and went around Raleigh instead.

However, this is the most uncertainty I'm currently facing - being in a possible path of a hurricane. Things are good - I feel certain that I am effective and feel respected at my job, I am certain that I have support and community through the friends I have made in NC, and certain that my family still supports me in what I do and where I am. I'm feeling healthy and happy; able to do things that I would previously decline or assume I couldn't do, I'm able to do without great effort - like running and hiking. It amazes me how much life is a struggle when you're with a person that isn't best for you. Everything is a struggle that should be, at best an irritation. Uncertainty abounds. You're doing your best, but it's like planning a trip and all you can see is fog in front of you.

But the fog's been lifted, and I've been on my own for a year and a half, and struggles are few and far between. I have a lot of certainty and happiness in my life, and the forecast suggests it will stay the same for quite a while.


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