Working from Home

I rarely work from home. One reason is due to my current schedule - I work 4 ten hours days and the company allows for people to either work 4 10s, or work from home one day a week. The other reason is that I just don't like working from home. It's not the same setup, and I don't feel like I am quite as efficient as when I'm next to all my stuff at the office.

But yesterday, I worked from home. The office closed, so most people elected to work from home. It was nice to not have any interruptions, but it was difficult to do some of my tasks with just one monitor. It'll be nice to go back into the office on Monday.

The hurricane has headed north. There's a little wind and a little rain yet this morning, and by lunch the sun should be breaking through the clouds. Hopefully no more working from home for the rest of the year.


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