Busy day after a terrible headache

On Fridays, even though it's my day off, I don't like to sleep in too late. I generally wake up between 7 and 8, and have coffee and read or watch some YouTube for the next two hours, then I start my day.

Today was a bit different. I woke up at 5am with a splitting headache. Bad enough that I just didn't want to move. At 7 it wasn't getting better and I hadn't yet fallen back asleep, so I made myself get up and find Tylenol to take, and tried to go back to sleep. My headache started to subside by 8:30, but I wasn't any closer to getting more shuteye, so I gave up at 9 and made some coffee and started my usual routine of coffee, oatmilk and YouTube with Seth Meyers and Matt D'Avella. Matt's video about productivity spurred me to finally go through my personal inbox and archive or delete unnecessary emails. Then, I decided that if I were going to get projects done this weekend, I better start cleaning.

Start cleaning at 11:30. 45 min in, guest room clean, guest bath clean, living room clean, dining room clean. Took a break at 12:15. Went back to work at 12:45. Took another break for lunch at 1:45. Now bathtub and toilet clean and kitchen mostly clean and sheets are in the washer. Also cleaned out the refrigerator. Back to work at 2. Took a break at 3. Put everything either away or in the guest room as a project for tomorrow. Vacuumed the master bedroom. Put away dried dishes that I had to hand wash. Back to work at 3:20. Bedroom done. Sheets dried and put on bed. Other set folded and put away. Going to drink water for 5 minutes, then wipe down bathroom counter and sweep floor. 4:30. Everything is done except for putting the trash in the compactor.

That took a lot! But everything looks wonderful (Except the guest room with the boxes of papers I have to sort through) and I really enjoy sitting in a clean and organized place. I had dinner with one of my friends, who invited me over for boardgames this weekend. If I get enough of the projects done, I might stop by for a few hours. Hopefully I can go to sleep without waking up with a headache!


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