Communication is key

If you happen to live or work near other humans, communication is key. By double checking and recommuncating at work today, I learned my deadline of 10/16/2019 is actually 12/15/2019, a much better and doable goal. One of my friends is able to establish boundaries with her roommates. Another friend who moved to a different work team is happy to learn her efforts are appreciated instead of met with scorn.

Communication is key. And part of communication is reaching out and finding where other people stand. Some will stand with you. Some will understand your struggle and either want to help, or at least have sympathy.  For those that are just against you, or apathetic to your issues, just work around them. You'll still have to get things done, but you don't have to let them drag you down.

Communication and clarity is important. Allies are important. And being the best you can be is important, so you can communicate your position effectively.


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