Free time vs Self discipline

I was watching a YouTube video recently about productivity, and something the presenter said clicked with me.

The more free time you have, the more self discipline you need.

Absolutely. I remember my last year of high school. I had front loaded my classes due to block scheduling. I could do two years of a subject in one year. By the time I was ending my sophomore year, I had finished the math requirement for graduation. And, because I continued to do that with other subjects while I can (did something similar in science) I was able to do Post Secondary Option with, well, more options. Post Secondary Option was a program the high school sponsored where the student could select a local college or university to attend instead of classes in high school. It allowed me to end my high school career with 28 college credits and a lot of procrastination.The last requirement I hadn't fulfilled before graduation was a semester of an English class. My schedule for that last semester looked like this:

Go to the high school around 10am for band class. Head home afterward to cook lunch. Go to the university twice a week at 2pm for British Literature, then flute lessons.

That was it. Easy, but it allowed me to feel like I had a lot of spare time, so I used my spare time stupidly - because I could, well, spare some time. Eventually it all caught up to me when I was feeling rushed to get papers written. We were reading seven famous novels from British authors, so even though most of the books were relatively short, it didn't mean I could slack off all that much. I finally got it together when I got a grade from a paper that I wasn't proud of, considering I had likely 80+ hours a week to do my very best on that class. Luckily for me, I caught it before my grade went off the rails, ruining my college GPA before I entered college full time.

I still let procrastination get the better of me at times, but at least I am more cognizant of my overall time, and that the more spare time I have doesn't really mean I have it to just 'spare'.


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