My non resting Rest Day

Yesterday, I enjoyed my rest day. I played piano and found another YouTube channel to watch called Better Ideas. I also got a few chores done, but most of my time was spent watching YouTube between John Oliver's Last Week Tonight and Better Ideas.

John Oliver always has shows about serious topics, but I am starting to find them just depressing and overwhelming. I think I'll stop watching his show for a bit and see how I feel.

The Better Ideas channel was great! I can't recall the guy's name, but he had some great tips mixed in with a 'tough love' mindset and a bit of psychology. If you start whatever task you're procrastinating on, it's likely you'll continue. Do things that will get you started like making sure there aren't things in your way, and reward yourself for starting.

After watching the videos, I was more than ready and willing to play piano. I played a few songs in Alfred's adult learner and Hanon Exercises, which I feel like I should find them boring, but instead I find them relaxing. I created a few chord progressions and enjoyed doing a small amount of composition before my fingers got tired.

While I didn't get to Mario or Minecraft, I'm certainly okay with that. Those things can be done some other day.


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