Response to Mad Fientist's Everyone should have a business

I recently read one of my favorite FIRE bloggers, Mad Fientist. His article discussed how in his view everyone should have a business. He suggests that just having hobbies isn't good enough, and that the accountability that a business presents is paramount.

I see where he's coming from. But, I disagree. Unless you don't have your habits already set up, or don't identify as something that's important, a business can spur you along. However, the business was created for accountability and habit building. He mentioned his goal had nothing to do with money. He just wanted a more structured routine, which everyone does. And the way he created that routine was by starting his business and sharing with others, so he gets built in accountability.

Sure, if you don't have a habit and craving to do your hobbies, then with all the time in the world, you can practice your hobby tomorrow. I'm finding that I have a lot of hobbies that I'm not focusing on, mostly because I'm jumping between them. Currently, here are my most important hobbies, and the times I did them the last two weeks:

Exercise/Running: 6
Spending time socializing with friends: 6
Writing: 14
Board Games/Video Games: 3
Learning/Catching up on News via YouTube: 5
Photography: 0
Playing Piano: 0
Music Composition: 0
Travel: 0

I have more hobbies that that, and I also cleaned the apartment and did laundry twice and went to work. I'm thinking that if I just have habits/cravings/create an identity around my hobbies, then I won't need to build a business.We'll see, when I get to his spot. That'll be a while, yet.


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