The Gym, part 5

Yesterday I went to the gym for the orientation class and a 'Design your own routine' class. The trainer walked through all of the resistance machines and demonstrated all of the equipment. Looked pretty straightforward, but is always a different thought when you're the one on the machine pushing or pulling, staring at the picture and wondering if you're engaging the correct muscles.

The trainer then suggested some core and upper body exercises, but said she would prefer to see me in a class or two to look at my form and what I would need to really tailor my workouts, so I signed up for two classes tomorrow and one class on Tuesday. We'll see how they go, and hopefully I can nail down a routine that hits the whole body and leaves me feeling exhausted but good.

My 5k is in 2 weeks, and I'm still struggling with my times, but I improved my form, so I'm hoping that I can hit my goal of lower than a 47 minute total time. After that, I'll likely run only once or twice a week until the weather starts to warm up, so I can focus on strength training and balance. And all my other hobbies.

I played piano last night, and a little Minecraft as well, which was nice. I'm starting to get tired, so I am trying to decide if I should just go to sleep (after all, it is close to my normal bedtime) or if I can stay up and play a little more Minecraft.


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