Aldi Wine Calendar part 2

Success!! I got the wine calendar and a cheese calendar as well! I arrived at the Aldi store just before 7am and was second in line. I didn't think the calendars would be so big - I thought the wine calendars would just be an ounce of wine per day, but apparently they are much more! Sadly, I didn't have a quarter on me or in my car, as I just cleaned my purse and car out! I borrowed a quarter from the first person in line to unlock a cart and waited for an hour for the store to open. By the time 8am rolled around, there were roughly 30 or so people in line. By the time I was checking out, almost all of the wine calendars and all of the beer calendars were spoken for.

I was also second in line getting the calendar (because at the door, they give you a ticket for the calendar) and third buying the calendar. Interestingly and irritatingly, they do not allow alcohol sales until 8:30, so we had to wait after getting our calendars to check out.

However, it is done! I got my calendars, and I'm glad I did! We'll see in December if it was all worth it.


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