Another 5k in the books!

I scheduled a 5k after I finished my 5k in September. I figured the temperatures wouldn't drop too low yet. After all, the usual high around this time of year is high 60s and low of high 40s. Last year the high was 70 and the low was 60. No problem!

When I got up, the temperature was 36 degrees. When the race started, it had warmed all the way up to 40 degrees. I wore a headband earwarmer, light long sleeve tee, light jacket and the warmest leggings I own. It was a really tough course, as it was up and down hills. None of the hills were huge, but it just seemed like a constant change in elevation and not too many times to have a rest. However, it ended up being my fastest time ever at 44:07! I was really happy about that. I had done a run on Wednesday at the gym and managed 44:28, so this was great! It didn't feel like I was gaining much - and looking at the results, it seems like almost all of the runners were real runners. The last place person finished in less than 52 minutes. The other 5k race I run, there are about 4 or 5 people who pass the hour mark.

However, this group of people were wonderful - they stood around the finish line cheering everyone else who finished the race. It was so sweet to have something like 30 people cheering me on while I crossed the finish line. Back in the church, the pastor served beer and cookies.

I ran with my moral support running friend Tim who makes sure I keep a moderate pace and don't tire myself out in the first half mile. Running in 40 degree weather now makes me realize that I could run most of the winter outside, if I wanted to, but I suspect I'll just keep on running at the gym.

I'm so pleased to beat my personal record! My goal is to get down to a 13 minute mile more than one mile at a time. I know that time is slow for most runners, but fast for me. I only started fixing my form a few weeks ago, and has made a difference. Now I need my lungs to catch up again!


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