Driving the Honda Insight while in Ohio

My parents bought a Honda Insight about ten years ago, a few months before I bought my Honda Fit. I was looking to buy a Fit for quite some time, but wanted to wait until my Chrysler Cirrus bit the dust. (It kind of did - a young girl in a VW Beetle didn't stop in a mall parking lot when she should have, and despite me slamming on my brakes, I hit her car's rear right side. Totaled my car. Unsure what happened with her car.) Moving on: I got some money from the insurance company, and put that toward a brand new, fantastic Honda Fit, which I've been driving for just over 10 years.

The Honda Insight feels wider, likely because it sits lower than the Fit. They are the exact same width - 67 inches. The Insight is slightly longer, and the Fit is slightly taller. While the Insight is slightly better with gas mileage, I like the Fit. I really dislike the Insight's rear window - the hatch spoils the view. I'm sure my parents are used to it, but I like to have the least amount of blind spots of which I think the Fit excels.

I admit, I am looking forward to getting back to my little Honda in a few days, and hope it continue to run well for at least another 10 years. After the Fit goes, I'll see if they still make the same model - but I also do like the look of the Honda Civic Hatchbacks. We'll see how the Fit drives in 2030.


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