Easy Day

As this week is a holiday week, I'll be working a shortened workday each day: 7am - 3:30pm. This morning, I got to work, fixed three bugs, went to two meetings, and felt pretty good about my progress at work. I decided I should go to the gym to exercise since I'll be able to get there around 4 and beat the traffic. I printed off a few pages of workout exercises and taped them in my workout journal, headed home to change, and off I went. In 45 minutes, my workout circuit was finished (well, I was tired and the last few machines I needed were in use) and I feel pretty good. Went home to eat a simple meal of seasoned rice and beans with an egg on top, and hot sauce. I played a few Hanon exercises as I didn't feel like learning a new song. Hanon is always a good idea.

And now I'm finishing up my cup of tea, as it's time to start my bedtime routine so I can fall asleep by 10. I'm looking forward to continued success tomorrow!


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