Florida can be cold?

Landed safely and took an Uber to the conference resort to check in. Room is nice, regular hotel room and if I want water from the hotel room, I could pay $7.50 for it. Suddenly the water bottle I spent $2.30 for in the airport looks like a better deal. (Of course, the room water will always be ridiculously expensive.)

I felt odd bringing my winter coat because I'm heading to a place that's sunny and 75 degrees.

Except yesterday. It was cloudy and 50, and I put my winter jacket back on. Also, until I went through my pictures, I didn't realize that the guy on the right is wearing a Jazz Cup pattern! I walked over 5 miles yesterday - about 4 around one of the Universal parks. Quite a lot of things to do! I was tempted to get a Gryffindor scarf to go with the rest of my Hermoine Granger outfit, but it was $40 and thinner than my regular scarf, so I think I'll pass - but I have several more days to change my mind.


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