Geoguessr fail

Today's Geoguessr was great and awful! I was within yards for the first and third location, and within the correct country for the second, but totally bombed for the fourth and fifth locations.

Clues for fourth location: Rural mountain road, with jagged rocks, and cars seeming to drive on the left, the foliage is list and green.

Where does it look like this where people drive on the left? I picked a mountainous region of India. 

It was an island off of Italy! Argh! Only got 42 points for that guess.

Location 5 was in the US, which is great, except I was on a road with no road signs. The only sign i saw advertised the Big Squaw Resort. With that as a clue along with many pine trees, I selected Eastern Montana. It was a road in Maine. Ugh! Better luck next time. 


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