Big day with lovely people

Had a full day today. Got up at 7:30, had my two cups of coffee, showered, went to the gym, came back for lunch, spoke with my aunt on the phone, went to a birthday party for my friend's mother, who turned 94 today, then caught up with another friend after that. I almost didn't get around to tasting the wine and cheese! Tomorrow will be more of the same - gym, coffee, catching up with friends. It'll be lovely!

Ah, the chardonnay again! It smells light, and like pear. It tastes light, and like pear. So far, consistent. A bit dry, but it IS a chardonnay The description is "A clean, crisp Chardonnay from Mendoza, Argentina. Zesty aromas of tropical fruit combine with fresh flavors on the palate." Hmmm. I'm pretty tired, so I think I'll just say "sure."

Aged cheddar! Nice pick for this wine I bet. The cheddar very dry, but mild and works well with chardonnay. Brings the fruit taste in the wine forward. Great pairing!


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