Day 14: a repeat of red day??

Today, I got up early and was at the gym by 8am. It was leg and core day, so I worked on machine exercises for legs, then two sets of ten sit ups on sit up bench, and finally my PT exercises for my knees and hips. Finally got myself up to a weight where I was exhausted when I left the gym. I came home and did a few chores to get the place back to tidy and clean, and then met a friend for coffee.

 Today's wine is...

Red blend again? Okay, no problem. I seem to remember it being non offensive before, but not much else. It smells like.... well, like a boring mixture of softer red wines. It tastes of cherry and is relatively soft. Once again, it isn't terribly complex and is just a nice drinkable wine.

Ah, I guess we're having Red Day #2. Red Leicester cheese. It might have sat a bit too long somewhere - this piece of cheese was much harder than its repeat from Day 9. Even in the picture, the cheese looks different and has some either freezer burn or maybe some mold. That'll give it a little extra flavor. It was nutty and sweet but not nearly as soft or melty. I didn't care for it, actually, though it did pair with the wine. They were just both not offensive. I guess I'd take this pair with a shrug.


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