Day 19 and a rough one at the gym!

Nice day today at work. Got there early to deploy code to Production and tweak a few reports. Pretty calm day, which is preferred after the rest of the week being so busy. After work, I went to the gym and instead of doing my normal routine, I participated in a bodyweight exercise class, then did 15 minutes or so of the stair machine.

Strangely, this White Zinfandel smells tart and of berry. It tastes sweet, though, and of honey and strawberry. It's a very nice and drinkable wine. The description states "A classic White Zinfandel from California, USA. Lively and refreshing flavors of ripe strawberry and juicy watermelon combine with a delicate sweetness and crisp acidity." Sounds about right.

The White Cheddar smells mildly tart, and isn't as soft as the Gouda, except for yesterday's Anomlay Gouda. It had a mild taste, and surprisingly, it brings the watermelon out in the White Zin. A pairing that works properly! Nice job, Aldi.


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