Day 22, close to the end!

Another excellent day. Went to the gym for my leg and core routine, then went out to a new taco place for lunch. It doesn't beat my other favorite Mexican restaurants, so while it wasn't bad, I have no desire to return. I then stopped in the brand new, very busy, and extremely large Wegman's for some cheese and meat and crackers to share as I was meeting a friend of mine and their sibling for a friendly discussion about politics, impeachment, math vs art, contemporary Christian music, a few excellent YouTube videos, and more conversation. But, now it's wine and cheese time.

The Shiraz is back! It... is an average red wine. It's only slightly more complex than a red blend. Other than that, there isn't much to say about it. It doesn't have much of an aroma. Or taste. Luckily we have a lovely cheese to pair with it.

Aldi paired the Tomato and Olive Gouda with it, probably to give it some character. The cheese was delicious again, and tasted of pizza. It helps, but only because the cheese itself can stand on its own. I ended up only drinking half of the Shiraz since I happened to have an excellent bottle of Pinot Noir to drink that wasn't part of the Advent calendar, so I switched to that.


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