December Challenge has ended!

I'm really pleased! I met my December challenge and even blew past my wussy goal of 5 times or more a week. I went to the gym every day except for December 25th (they were closed) and December 26th (the weather was finally so nice that I opted to go for a walk instead). I even have check in proof!

I even made appreciable gains in my workouts!

December 1st workout sheet:

December 31st workout sheet:

I changed from doing a machine that simulated the situp movement with some weights to just the situp bench. Clearly I still have some work to do on my arms and shoulders, but that's not a big surprise. I'll just keep on keeping on! I took a picture on the first and today - not going to share those, but I did see a little positive change in my arm definition and my midsection. I also need to work on lowering my shoulder and changing my posture - I'm starting to lean forward. I'll keep taking pictures on the last days of the month to make sure there's nothing going wrong as I continue.

I won't be going to the gym as often now - I'll go two or three times a week at a minimum, though. I certainly don't want to stop the great habit I've built up. I'm looking forward to seeing if no sugar added will change anything, or if I need to do something different with my current diet.


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