Gym Challenge Day 1

Success! I went to the gym and did all of my exercises. I took a picture of myself this morning to get a baseline and realized that my posture is not terribly great. After having two cups of tea (all my milk has gone bad after two weeks away), I got ready and went to the gym, where I had a great workout and enjoyed being there.

Along with my new daily gym habit, today is also the first day of Advent. Here is the wine calendar:

And with that is cheese, but I doubt the cheese is actually paired with the wine:

Oh look, it does say at the top right that the cheese pairs with the wine! Well, let's get started! Here's the first bottle of wine:

And here is the first cheese:

So I've got a Spanish Cava Rose Brut paired with a Red Leicester cheese. The wine smells lovely and gentle and lightly of berry. The taste is dry and light and fizzy and, well, I'm not quite liking it. It's a bit too fizzy for me. The description says "A refreshing fizz with appealing aromas of red fruits and herbs." Well, they nailed the description. Good work, Aldi. Next for the cheese. It smells, well, kind of like a mild to medium cheddar. I'm no cheese expert. It tastes good! Tangy, but a little sweet. Firm, but melts easily in the mouth. I'd certainly add Red Leicester cheese in my rotation of cheeses. Perhaps I need to eat the cheese then drink the wine?

Well, no. Eating the cheese overpowers the light berry taste of the wine, so all I taste is cheese and fizz. Hrm. Let's look up the definition of Brut. "Brut is a term applied to the driest Champagne and sparkling wines. Brut wines are drier which means they contain less residual sugar than those labeled “extra dry.”" from

That gives me a little more to go on - I usually drink Pinot Noir and Merlot (or Pinot Grigio in the summer) so I don't do too many wines on the extra dry or fizzy side of things. Let's go back and try again, knowing this wine will be very dry and very fizzy. It is better when I don't eat the cheese with it, and when I let it settle in my mouth before drinking it. Allows me to taste more of the fruits and, I guess herbs, mentioned. I wonder what people who like dry wines or fizzy wines think of it. Regardless, the cheese is lovely!

I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for day two!


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