Leg day, Durham day and Chenin Blanc & tomato and olive Gouda

Today was leg and core day and I also drove out to Durham to visit with one of my friends who owns a yoga studio. We spent a lot of time catching up and discussing exciting ideas in growing her business. We went to a lovely little restaurant called Bull and Bean and ate eggs benedict and drank copious amounts of coffee. But now it's well past noon, which means it's wine time!

The Chenin Blanc smells light and crisp with hints of apple. There are significant tannins but the wine is still relatively sweet. I can taste apple and a little bit of pear. It's very light so there isn't anything particularly overpowering. The description on the bottle: "Bursting with flavors of guava, ripe apple and pear. Refreshing and lively, this is a delicious and elegant wine." Unless I misunderstand the adjective elegant when applied to white wine, I don't think that this wine quite gets the elegant title. It certainly isn't bad, and if someone offered me a glass of this wine for free, and it was a hot day, I wouldn't turn it down.

The cheese is a tomato and olive gouda.

It smells like olive and herbs and a little bit of cheese. Not as strong as the herbed gouda, but has a nice aroma nonetheless. It tastes... well, it tastes a lot like pizza, actually - the kind of pizza I like, anyway, full of flavor and olives. The olive pieces add a meaty chew to the cheese, and I like it. As a pairing, the olive overpowers the wine, reducing it to a bright cool drink. I no longer taste apple or pear. It's not bad, though. I just would drink the wine first, then eat the cheese. I'd rate the wine as average, and the cheese as above average.


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