Relaxing Friday

After my terribly busy week, I've really relaxed today. Caught up on Seth Meyers's show, read the news, went to the gym, watched Matt D'Avella's new video, listened to some music and watched an episode of The Reassembler with James May. I hope they do another season at some point, but it seems that we'll just get two seasons - only seven episodes in total. I'd watch that fellow put things back together again any day. Last night, I enjoyed dinner and an unusual Christmas service. It was for those who are experiencing loss or otherwise aren't up to the usual clamor and joy the usual Christmas service provides. It was appropriately somber and quiet. I went because one of my friends was playing and singing a song during the service. She did so marvelously well!

Ok, onto today's wine and cheese task.

Today we have a lovely Pinot Grigio! It smells crisp and bright, but there aren't any standout fruits or spices in the aroma. Maybe a bit of apple. The taste is better than the smell. I taste apple and pear. It's nice but quite light. The description is "Crisp and refreshing with apple and hazelnut flavors and just a hint of spice." I think the hazelnut must just be a hint as well. It's a very drinkable wine! Not bad.

The cheese is the Herbed Gouda. This Pinot might be just strong enough to not be drown out by the herbs in the cheese. Maybe the cheese will make the hazelnut in the wine apparent. ...Nope, but the wine does taste more spicy and less fruity with the cheese as its pairing.

Alright, it's time for me to finish off the wine, and then put my laundry away and wash the wine glass and put it away.


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