Rose and a plain ol' Gouda

Another 'yes, I went to the gym!' day. Did legs and core yesterday, so I did arms and chest today. I've done a full week of gym and I really don't see how I would fail my challenge unless I get very sick or injured. I'm able to make sure my social calendar has enough leeway so that I'll still easily get my work out in.

But you're here for today's wine and cheese review, I know.

Today's wine is a chilled rose wine. (I just can't be bothered to find the alt code to get the correct e.)

The cheese just says Gouda. Feels like a let down after eating the other fancy goudas before it! But before I start snacking on the cheese, let's have a look at today's wine.

It smells both sweet and tart and light. The aroma is indeed light, and I really have to stick my nose in the glass to get a good amount of the smell to tell what I'm about to taste. However, it smells very pleasant. The taste is MUCH more tart than the smell leads you to believe. It was almost a shock, as I expected something softer and more mellow since the smell was more melon and honey and berry. The description on the bottle is "This refreshing wine is bright and lively with violet and floral aromas. Soft and fruity on the palate with delightful flavors of raspberry and plum." I'd certainly agreed with the raspberry description and don't agree with the 'soft' adjective. I've had soft wines before, and this is not one of them. It's an okay wine, but I liked the earlier Merlot Rose better. This Rose wine is better than yesterday's Shiraz... just barely. I find that it is better when it's a bit less cold. I didn't chill it to a particular temperature as I don't have a thermometer. Well, let's try out the cheese, and see how it pairs and the difference they make when consumed together.

The cheese smells a lot like yesterday's Not That Spicy Gouda, which doesn't shock me. It smells mild and a bit sharp. It melts in my mouth similar to the red leicester, but not as nicely. It's a bit nutty and slightly tart. Overall nice, but I'm still looking forward to that herbed version. Onto the pairing! I think the cheese allows the wine to be more drinkable but less complex. It's a rather light wine already, so having a slightly complex cheese (nutty and sharp) just overpowers, kind of like last night's Shiraz. I wish it helped the wine taste as good as it smells, but at least it does mask some of the tartness.

Leg day tomorrow!


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