Work was great - I finished a report and upgraded the report projects for SQL Server 2012 and went to a few meetings and had a fancy lunch with my coworkers for our end of year lunch. Went to the doctor for a physical, and then to the gym and happily, I'm now home. Time to relax and have some wine.

I've never heard of Viognier. It smells dry and light, and of a fruit I can't quite place, and something else I can't place. It's a very strange wine - not strange as in bad, but strange as in unfamiliar. It tastes dry and unfamiliar. The description says "Bursting with aromas of fruit salad, apricot and almond, this lovely wine is dry and full bodied." Ah. Well, I'm not crazy about apricot, so it's not unusual I can't pick it out unless it's overpowering. I rarely eat apricot, and generally by mistake. It's a nice wine for a drier wine. How about the cheese?

Ah, Edam! The nice, mild, a bit more complex than Havarti cheese. It helps cut or mask the acidity of the wine. Nice pairing! That Edam really is good. Wonder if that new Wegman's store carries it.


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