Did two habits today!

Today didn't quite go as planned - I was pulled in many directions at my job, between playing a Database Administrator role and a Project Manager role, did some analysis and code debugging, argued about the definition of "scheduled", and even logged in, in the evening to help with a full stack refresh issue for a half hour.

After my workday was done (before the full stack refresh issue) I went to the gym and did all the exercises except for my PT exercises. Instead of doing two sets of 15 reps with a minute rest, I did two sets of 10 reps with 30 seconds between each set. While I think my legs can certainly increase either reps or weight, I think backing off on my arm exercises for a while is a good idea - 10 reps per set was a much better outcome. I think I was overworking my arms just because I feel like they're too wimpy! I'm sure they'll get there, with patience and consistency.

After the gym, I was interested in clearing off my desk, backing up the data on my computer, getting photos off of my camera, cleaning my kitchen, eating a proper meal, unpacking a few gifts I got for Christmas, setting up my brand new waking-up-easier-with-a-light alarm clock I purchased a few weeks ago when I saw Amazon had it on sale with a $35 off coupon that day, doing laundry and catching up with my mother.

I ended up sitting on the couch and watching YouTube, cleaning half of the kitchen, eating a proper meal, doing laundry and talking with my mother. Of course, the work issue took some of that time away, but not all of it! Luckily for me, I still have another half hour before I want to be in bed, so I can knock off several more things as long as I don't go back to YouTube!

And, no added sugar for me today. I went to a sushi place for lunch, and the dipping sauces for the nigiri/sashimi combo tasted really sweet, so I opted to make my own sauce just from light soy sauce and wasabi instead of bothering the waitstaff to know if the sweet sauce had any sugar in it. Dinner was leftovers from previously approved foods, so nothing new there. So far, things are good! I still crave chocolates or sweets. I hope those cravings go away soon.


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