Mastery of Nothing

Well, I'm down another pound and a half. I didn't feel well last night and only managed to eat 1,228 calories in total yesterday. I'm still not feeling the best, so I'll just eat what I feel is appropriate for the amount of hunger I have. This also means I didn't get around to moving my coffee table and keyboard yesterday, but I can do that today or tomorrow (I'll be having dinner with one of my friends, so I might not get to it today.)

Facebook reminded me of a post I made on January 9, 2014.

"One of my co-workers added another goal for me this year."

No photo description available.

Those are three (I guess four, actually) way too large goals for one year. And I thought I was going to do all of them in 365 days? I managed to lose ~20lbs of the 50lbs I needed to lose to hit 120, I continually got better at my SQL skills, but it ended up being not knowing what you don't know - there's no way to get true mastery of the entire SQL language unless that is all you do. Six years later, I'm very comfortable writing complex SQL statements and have a lot of institutional knowledge of the company's databases. It didn't get that way in only one year! And, I'm still learning more about the SQL engine, statistics and execution plans. I didn't know any of those things even existed in 2014. Piano lagged and is still lagging, and for the last six years (and really, 11 years) it's been an off and on grind for a few weeks or months, then just off for several months... or years.

I did get to 120lbs in June of 2016, though, and I've been within a range of 118 - 128 since then. (Today, I'm 123.5.) I'm working on my Microsoft DBA certification, and piano is one of the 30 day challenges. So, while I didn't reach my goal in 2014, I am closer, and the failures or lack or progress helps me learn to be more realistic and set better goals. I'm also enjoying learning more about habit making and habit tracking. Setting goals is nice and can be an important piece, but unless you have the skills and gumption and environment to hit your goals, having goals is nearly useless.

Today, I'll be watching a video about SQL Server Security, Compliance and Auditing, and at lunch, reading Chapter 3 of Atomic Habits.


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