No Added Sugar Challenge Days 1 and 2

It's January 2nd, and things are looking good for my challenge so far. Today and yesterday, I've had coffee with oatmik, picadillo, carnitas, lefse, shrimp stew sans coconut milk, cafe latte, cheese, chicken noodle soup that has no added sugar and some peanuts. I put away all the chocolate gifts I received over the holidays so I wouldn't be tempted, seeing it in plain sight (or relatively plain sight when opening the cupboard.) Still in the fridge is more cheese, more shrimp stew, and some chicken enchiladas. In the pantry is soup and more peanuts. Plenty of food so I don't start making bad decisions.

Yesterday's total calorie count was 1350. Today, I ate 1281 calories, so I'm still within range of 1200 - 1450 calories per day. I'm tracking my weight, but only occasionally. I'm at my proper weight already, and just need to do a bit of distribution.

Since I won't be travelling, and the friends that I often socialize with wouldn't give me (too much) grief about eating salads at a pizza place, I don't see much in the way of problems for the added sugar challenge. There is still a ton of delicious looking chocolates in the IT meeting room that I have to sit next to during the morning meeting, but I'm pretty good at ignoring them. There is a possibility that I might not have enough food left in my pantry that's easily accessible and quick to fix after work and the gym, so on Friday I'll head to the grocery store to make sure my pantry or fridge has food that is easy to prepare and I know will have no sugar in them. It'll take a little preparation each Friday just to make sure.

I spoke with one of my friends yesterday about the long ignored goals I had. He mentioned that I should look into fakebooks for piano - that's how I play anyway, putting a melody to chords. That way I can play songs without the difficulty of sightreading or requirement of always writing something new. That was a fantastic suggestion, and so for this month, I'll look at several fakebooks and I'll pick one or two for the month of February - along with my Hanon etudes and my own compositions.

First two days of the year are great so far!


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