The first (more like 31st) version of the to do list

I'm tired. I don't feel great. I don't want to write.

Too bad, I decided to write every day until, well, who knows. Since I don't want to break my streak, I'll keep it going. Today is a struggle, though. I don't feel like I have a lot of positive or life changing things to offer. I grabbed my notebook that I put my to do list on, and read it. The page had:

Clean Guest Room
Write Blog Post
Study for 70-764 Exam

It's a list of things I want to do, but it's just not a satisfying list. There are things I'm missing, and if I write down, then strike off laundry, I'll just have to write laundry again next week. Same for other chores like taking out the trash and vacuuming.

Okay, I tore out that page, and now I have a new page. At the top, I have:

Daily Tasks                                           Weekly Tasks

and beneath those headings are said tasks that I want to complete within their generic time frame.

Daily Tasks                                           Weekly Tasks
Write Blog Post                                     Laundry
Play Piano                                             Take Trash Out
                                                              Run Dishwasher

Ok, I know I can't put "gym 3x a week" in the weekly column. That fails. So, I guess it goes into my Daily Tasks as Run Gym Habit. It doesn't mean the same as 'go to the gym', but 'Determine, via the habit built, to go to the gym if you do not have any evening plans.'  I assume, as I go through a normal week, more tasks will be added to the Daily and Weekly lists.

After I wrote down a few things, I flipped to the next page. My projects and tasks I keep forgetting. These are things that I want to accomplish and not particularly repeat - or at least, repeat more than monthly.

On that list now is:

Study for 70-764 exam
Study for 70-765 exam
Get seltzer water from the car
Set light alarm for February
Close Money Market Account
Clean guest room
File tax return

I expect to add more to this list as well. I don't like the idea of writing it down on paper, as then I'd have to transfer the information from a different piece of paper, digitally or not, if I'm not home while thinking of another task. But, if I put it in the cloud, I have to access it via my procrastination devices, computer and phone.

Unless I create my start page for Chrome my to do list. Well, that won't work for my phone, but I think I should try it, then refine it if I find it not helpful. Ah, I can remove all the apps on my phone's homepage, and just have the to do list. Ok, I think I've had enough ideas for now, and I'll start with some Google Sheet or something similar, tomorrow.


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