Tiny Habits review

Tiny Habits is a course taught by BJ Fogg. I enrolled in his free 5 day course after seeing it mentioned on a website that I've long forgotten where I was. It is a good course, if you haven't already read part of Atomic Habits by James Clear, or if you feel like his book is too difficult. After sign up, they ask if you want to start 'this' weekend, or 'next' weekend. I opted for 'next' weekend, since I wanted to get further in the Atomic Habits book first.

They pair you with a coach, who must be handling several people at once. The email responses are mostly form filled reminders  pulled from their course materials and what I provided in the beginning about what small habits I wanted to build.The request everyday was to signify if I did the habit I set out to do, and if I was going to do the habit again the next day. Clearly, this was aimed toward the person who didn't do any research beforehand and wanted just the smallest beginning of habit setting and tracking. I chose to make one of my habits to hang my coat up in the coat closet. I usually hang it on a chair or put it on the floor behind the couch. I considered getting a coat rack and putting it where I usually toss my coat, but I didn't like the idea of spending money just because I was too lazy to walk 10 feet and open a door. It worked during the week, and my other habit was so ingrained that the first two mornings I was searching all over for my coat, forgetting that I had hung it up.

However, while I hoped to continue the habits past the 5 days, I didn't. I didn't have any cues or rewards or other routines along with them. The only thing that was keeping them going was emailing the coach that I had done them that evening. Clearly, Tiny Habits is just an introductory course to either getting you to research and experiment more, or purchasing his book which comes with his toolkit.

I'm happy with my continuing progress with Atomic Habits with James Clear, and will reread it soon to go through my habits again.


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