75% Done with my Work From Home Week; Chapter 5 in Indistractable

My apartment neighbors are noisy during the day. Quite a few have some rather noisy cars. One fellow has a car that sounds like he paired a lawnmower engine with an amplifier. Work was fine - caught up with small admin tasks as there were no tickets assigned to me except for deployments.

I made sure I took a lunch - I went to the gym and did my arm and chest routine, then went to Food Lion for coffee - it was on sale - and came home for a stir-fry while I queued more tickets to deploy. I also got the laundry done and unloaded the dishwasher. I tidied up my desk and cleaned my kitchen and made dinner. I'm about to cut up nearly 20 lbs of meat up into 1 lb segments to freeze for carnitas later in the year.

Chapter 5, Deal with Distraction from Within

This chapter deals with how mental abstinence doesn't work. It focused on smoking cessation and understanding that while nicotine is an addictive substance, the habits created and thoughts about smoking add to the desire and addiction.

Chapter summary:

  • Without techniques disarming temptation, mental abstinence can backfire. Resisting an urge can trigger rumination and make the desire grow stronger.
  • We can manage distractions that originate from within by changing how we think about them. We can reimagine the trigger, the task and our temperament.


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