A wrench in my plans... and wrenched abdominal muscles.

In the middle of the night on Saturday night, I reached for a pillow that I had moved at some point, and ended up pulling one of my abdominal muscles. Instant agony! It felt like someone was cutting through my stomach from my navel down with a hot knife. I stayed curled up for a long time, as moving just allowed for more pain. I ended up in that position for as long as I could stand it, then the pain (in my shoulder and knee) from not moving was great enough that rolling over would be less painful than staying in the same spot.

I spent most of Sunday just reclining on the couch, as I couldn't sit up in a chair and couldn't stand up straight when I walked. I decided to work from home today just to make sure I don't reinjure anything, and just sat in my chair, since I'd gotten better enough to at least do that. By the afternoon, I was feeling mostly fine and was standing up straight. I'll be going back to work tomorrow, and hope that my abdomen won't do anything stupid between now and then.

I read more of Indistractable and watched a ton of videos of the history of video games and graphics. I slept well, and manage to not hurt myself! Today, I worked on code, explained some detailed processes in a project, helped set up test data and caught up on the stories from a co-worker who had come back from vacation.

This evening, I'll be making dinner, then reading for the exam, playing piano, then heading to bed. Tomorrow will be a similar day - I want to make sure I'm fully healed before I head back to the gym, so I'll wait until Wednesday for that.


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