Day 1 of Invisalign Braces

Eating with Invisalign sucks a lot more than I remembered, but this time, they've started with 20 attachments - sharp little nubbly things they attach to your teeth. There are so many, and in ridiculous spots that I can't bite down properly, and often pinch my cheek when I chew.

Granted, I was stupid with my lunch choice today. I made corned beef hash in a skillet to make it extra crispy, and then baked a few pieces of garlic bread. Part of the pain is because I chose poorly with my lunch option and part was due to the attachments stuck to my teeth and was awkward and difficult. It's not pleasant to have the trays out due to the attachments, so after I eat, I'm looking forward to cleaning my teeth and putting them back in.

The last time I had Invisalign - ten years ago - they put four attachments on the canine teeth. I had 27 trays, and each were to be worn two weeks at a time. Eating was slightly uncomfortable the first time, but not bad after the first day.

This time, they have one set of 20 trays - each tray is to be worn for a week - then the orthodontist reevaluates to make sure the teeth are moving in the right direction. They mentioned that as the program progresses, they will take off attachments - as long as I keep up with wearing them.

Ok, so the current set is 1 of 20, and each tray is to be worn for one week. What is 20 weeks from today? June 26th. Day before the family reunion. I'd already be in Ohio and unable to go to the office to hopefully get a few of the teeth attachments off. When I return to the orthodontist on March 20th, I'll let him know my concerns and that I'd like to make sure I have the new set before I head to Ohio. Perhaps at the March appointment, I can start wearing each tray for 6 days instead of 7 days, putting my new set two weeks earlier.

One thing I remember last time is the pain I had at the first tray, my mouth hurt from the tray moving my teeth. This time, it's no big deal. There's a slight ache - if I think about it. Perhaps they do the first tray not as drastic now so that people won't want to wear them. With a new tray per week, I expect smaller changes than the two weeks per tray from last time.

And, I think I'll prepare some easier and softer options for days I don't want to deal with...well...chewing. I can boil some eggs for hard boiled eggs with hot sauce, or have some whey protein with oat milk. At least I'll have some options, and I'm glad that I did the no added sugar diet last month - I learned I needed at least 1400 calories to not lose any weight. So, the goal is to eat at least 700 calories per meal, since I don't each breakfast. When I was doing the Keto diet, I recall enjoying Keto Chow, a powder to mix in with half and half or heavy whipping cream. I might order a bag of that, or just some whey protein depending on how my diet goes from here.

At the very least, I have some solutions, a plan, and in about a year or year and a half, straight teeth so I no longer have to deal with food stuck my my upper teeth and ridiculous crowding in my lower teeth.

We'll see if my social calendar either lets me forget about the pain of eating, or if it exacerbates the problem.


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