Everybody get your milk and bread sandwiches!

I don't know why everyone runs to get milk and bread when a storm hits. At least for a snowstorm, if the power goes out, your milk won't sour, but even during hurricanes, people will clear the milk cooler. What are you people going to do? Start chugging it when the power goes out? Do you soak bread in it? Why bread and milk?

I happened to go to Harris Teeter this afternoon to buy just milk and bread - specifically oat milk (because I was out of oat milk, and I wanted some with tomorrow's coffee) and a bread roll from the bakery to go with my soup.

Schools are already closed for Friday. We've had an inch of snow so far, and are forecasted to get another inch. Most people will work from home tomorrow. Previously, the office used to award people for working from home if they could with comp time, and not penalize people who didn't work from home when there was inclement weather. Now that everyone in the office has a laptop, when the schools are closed, we aren't required to work in the office, but are required to work, or take a PTO day. Hopefully I won't have many interruptions as I'm trying to finish some code for a report. Luckily I only have one meeting scheduled tomorrow, and I'll be done with work by 3:30.

I didn't go to the gym today since during my 3 mile commute, the rain turned into snow, and I passed by 2 accidents. Decided it'd be best to stay off the roads and just do all of the bodyweight exercises at home and call it good. I'm considering going to the gym at lunchtime tomorrow if the roads have warmed up by then - it's only 2 miles from my place, and it's convenient to get done during lunchtime.

The snow is supposed to taper off by 2am. We'll see what kind of winter wonderland we get!


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